The GreenWeb network membership is for individuals, is entirely free of charge and the number of members is unlimited.
As a member, you agree to have these Rights and Obligations:

  • to take part in the network with your professional knowledge and experience.
  • to receive information through email and on the GreenWeb website, and you are entitled to use the email discussion list and access other web-based tools of the patform.
  • to contribute with founded and accurate information and assist in disseminating GreenWeb products within their sphere of influence.

Become a member

To become a member of the GreenWeb network you need to fill out the membership form below.

Membership form Agreement

  • I hereby want to become a member of the GreenWeb network.
  • Requirements of a GreenWeb member:
    • I will seek to participate in GreenWeb meetings, join selected actions and projects, and contribute in GreenWeb seminars, workshops and international conferences.
    • I am expected to contribute with founded and accurate information, share experiences and answer sincerely to questions and questionnaires addressed to the network.
    • I will also assist in spreading new knowledge and disseminating GreenWeb products within my sphere of influence.
    • I accept that my name and personal contact data may be published on the GreenWeb website.
    • I take full responsibility for the documents, pictures and other material that I will disseminate in the network or upload on the website.
    • In return, I will receive GreenWeb news and other GreenWeb information through e-mail and the GreenWeb website.
    • I am also entitled to access other web-based services at the GreenWeb website.

YES, I agree with all the above stated requirements


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